In Memory of our dearest friend



Our prayers and condolences go to his friends and family.

Alvin J. Schell sucumbed to cancer on June 2, 2005. He was 44 years old.

Alvin, or Alex as we I knew him, introduced me to my spouse Joe. He had great instinct for people. He could see what they were really like under all the social window dressing. He changed my life in a very fundamental way. He once gave me a little insight into the way he saw Joe. He described him as "A bright light in a sea of gray mediocrity. Just watch how other people flock to him without even realizing why."

I realized at that I had seen that light in Joe. But I also realized that the light was there because of the time he had spent with and what he had leaned from Alex. For myself, I knew that Alex was an amazing person. I am grateful to Alex for my success in my relationship and for inspiring in me the ability to see that light in others.

For being a very private person Alex managed to touch so many lives a positive way. He will never be forgotten.

The following is borrowed from theatrical lyrics but I want to recite them here because they express my feelings very accurately.

"It well may be, that we will never meet again
in this life time. So let me say before we part.
So much of me is made of what I learned from you.

You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart.
And now whatever way our stories end.
I know you have re-written mine by being my friend.

I do believe I have been changed for the better,
but because I knew you, I have been changed for good."