Meet Luis


This is Luis

In 2005 we met Luis, a gifted young man who had a lot of curiosity about the bear/gay community but not enough experience to know about the pitfalls. Thanks to our own experiences being "mentored" by older guys who didn't want us to learn all this from the streets, we jumped at the opportunity to share our lives with Luis so could benefit from our experiences.

It is now 2010 and nearly six years later. We got to to see Luis become an adult, a man, and a bear in his own right.

We were there to hold him up when he failed at love and supported him when he eventually gained enough experience to find and maintain a stable relatiohship with his partner William.

We were fortunate enough to be there as he found himself and his own place and viewpoint and are gratefull to have been part of the process.

Luis just graduated college and we got to meet his really great parents.

As we let Luis go as the master of his own life, we feel closer to him than ever before. He will always be considered part of our family.

Al & Joe


You can Learn more about Luis by visiting his sites.

Facebook: Luis Javier Suarez Jr