It was early 2000. Inspired by controversy surrounding legalization of gay civil unions, radio personality Leslie Gold A.K.A. The Radio Chick, in an effort to bring her co-host Butchy, into the 21st century and ease his alleged homophobia creates a contest for gay couples. The prize, an on air gay wedding.


Joe and I had already been trying to make arrangements for a small ceremony while at the same time finding out about (and being shocked by) costs, scheduling, caterers, ministers, etc. We were quite overwhelemed. But, upon hearing of the contest we e mailed the Radio Chick on the spot. Within 24 hours we were asked to do an interview on the air. After meeting us, Butch realized that not all gay men are limped wrist whimpy nellies. They come in BEAR size too.

The response was incredible. Friends, family and co-workers voted, and then told their friends.   Votes started coming in from whole companies and organizations.  Metro Bears, South City Bears, Merryl Lynch, Lucent, the Gay Olympic Committee.  There were responses from people of all walks of life and sexual preference, as well as a couple of congressmen from what I hear. The only competition we had was a couple of class-less women whose hopes crumbled by the weight of the listener votes that we got.

The wedding was put together by the amazig eforts ff the producer of the Radio Chick Show, Butchy. But it was made possible by sponsors donating services such as limousine, catering, the band, even the rings.

The Day started with an incredible limo ride into the city. Most of the gifts and services we received through the station were sponsored or donated by private companies. Tony our driver and owner of Cruise Control Limos, was helpful, courteus and completely professional. He helped us out inmensly at at time when we needed to relax and put all the planning frenzy behind us.


These are the gorgeous caterers that took care of the feast.





The ceremony was presided over by Rev. George Koury.

Joe & Al's friends David Ippolito and Joan Gorgano sang "I cant wait" in dedication of our union. Click here for the lyrics.


The Radiochick, Leslie Gold meets the mothers of the grooms.


Joe, a mutal friend of many years.

Frank & Felipe


This was our wedding cake. Bears in drag? Oy!

Our friend Alex opened his appartment for an "After" party where friends and family had a chance to wind down and enjoy some incredible dishes.

Then we went to Vermont to have a Civil Union