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It was the begining of 2010 and the conditons of living at Dixon Mills had become a problem.

Just before the economic crash Dixon Mills in their complete lack of wisdom, decided to kick out all the renters and turn the building into condos.

We were protected by city law because of several reasons, so we wanted to wait it out a little while we saved money for a better place. It became clear we had to get out of there. There were hardly any occupied units so it seemed that all the mice from the city were coming to our place for food. We were hoping that as the rebuilding of the city around us came to an end the mice would settle elsewhere eventually so we tried to cope with the usual fumigators, traps etc. but I think we finally threw in the towel the day our bathroom poured like a waterfall from all the ceiling vents for almost two days.

Also, we had outgrown our one bedroom studio.

So as many of our friends already know we spent all of 2010 looking for a new home. We finally closed on a house two days before Christmas. Which meant moving in the middle of snow storms, and because of my back surgery most of the lifting had to be done by Joe and his dad. Funny thing is that the day we finished moving everyhing, it stopped snowing. Here are some of the pictures we took along the way.




The Front

The Office

This is the Living Room

Picture taken from the stairs

Three Shots of the Dining Room


And the Master Bedroom.


The Kitchen
The Hot Tub
I will be posting more pictures as we finish each area.