Petey is a Jack Russel Terrier we adopted in 2004. We rescued him from a household where he had been severely abused. He'd been beaten so much, one of his ribs had been cracked.

After 9 to 10 months of trial and error we were able to develop a mutual trust with him and he has been much better. One of the many things we learned about Jack Russel Terriers is that sometimes they introduce a growl or showing of the teeth as body language for several emotions and only in one out of five instances it means aggressiveness.

We assume that if someone had him and didnt know this, probably tried to beat this behavour out of him.

Petey growls sometimes when his emotions are so overwhelming and he knows of no other way to express himself.In the case of happiness it is combined with a smile and an energetic wagging of the tail. Lots of times it includeds jumping.

Fortunately, Petey has now landed in a very loving gay family and the only thing he has to worry about is what outfit to wear.