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One of the most significant and important events in my life was coming out.

Not only did it save my sanity but I felt it also saved me spiritually. After accepting my sexuality for my self, and exploring it in every possible way I could find, (OMG the 80's were fun) I realized that there was still an emptiness to fill.

Being out allowed me the opportunity to meet Joe. It became clear at that moment that he was the part of my life I had been looking for.

"Coming out" is a very powerful step in anyone's life but one that is not really taken alone. The consequenses of facing who you really are and acting on it has repercusions in every aspect of your life and the people that you care about. And the ones that care about you.

Once I found I could openly have a wonderful relationship with a man in an unenlightened society, I felt that by example, we could make life easier for others.

There are so many kids being bullied, intimidaed, tortured or just being frightened into conformism, that they never seek out help or even know that it is available for them. They may not realize that others have or are living through the same fears and struggles they are suffering. And most are not old enough to realize that regardless of any mean things they may have heard their parents say int he past they may change their mind if they realize that their own child is having to face life with the same situation they are mocking. Kids like this find only hopeleness and take the wrong path.

It is with that purpose that we created this website.

These are our lives, out there in the open. Without filters or excuses. For everyone to see and realize that happiness is achievable and there are no set rules to relationships except for the ones that make that particular relationship work.

I love my partner Joe in a way that words can never express. He means the world to me and I want to be a better person because of him. We pay our taxes, we work hard and contribute to our community. I personally served in the military along with many fellow gay military men who were proud to serve their country while hiding in fear that thay may loose their carreer if someone reported them.

So to all those preachers, politicians and beauty queens who feel the need to belittle anyone who is different, I say "You are projecting your hatred on us. But what you really hate is something in yourself, something we remind you of, but you want to deny. You will find that if you learn to embrace that part of yourself, you may be able to embrace us too."

You cannot possibly have a reason to hate me, I am no threat to you, your family, your children or your way of life.



ON December of 2010 we closed on our own home in Bayonne. Click here to see the pictures of the place as we post them.